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The danger of forgetting the ethical side of viagra, for example, by such general knowledgehard facts, such as the conduct of inhuman experiments on humans in Nazi Germany or the participation of doctors in the preparation of bacteriological warfare. Medicine in the US.

The Great October Socialist Revolution and the building of socialism opened up new ways of development for medical science and healthcare. The protection of the health of the people has become one of the most important functions of the state. A wide network of medical institutions and universities was created (see Medical Education, Medical Institutes). The organizational principles of health care, formulated already in the first years of Soviet power, proceeded from the Marxist propositions developed by V.I.Lenin on the social conditioning of public health, the tasks of building a socialist state that takes care of the health of workers through socio-economic and medical measures.

The material and technical base of medical science was created (see Medical research institutes). The State Institute of Public Health (1920) became viagra pills for subsequent more powerful associations of medical research institutes. The A.M. Gorky All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine (1932) was organized as a complex institution designed to synthesize the natural sciences, in particular, experimental biology and M. Advances in medical science and Soviet health (in 1940 the number of hospital beds reached 791 thousand compared to with 207 thousand in 1913, and the number of doctors 155 thousand compared with 23 thousand in 1913) led to significant shifts in the state of health of the population. Many epidemic diseases were eliminated, the overall mortality rate in 1940 dropped to 18.3 per 1,000 inhabitants (30.2 in 1913).

Sildenafil with Nazi Germany demanded the creation of a scientifically grounded organization of medical care for the wounded and sick. The precise work of the army's medical service made it possible to return to service after recovery 72.3% of the wounded and over 90% of the sick. For the first time in the history of mass wars, it was possible to prevent the emergence of epidemics and relatively quickly eliminate the sanitary consequences of the sildenafil.